Turn Your Favorite Song into Custom iPhone Ringtone

There is a possibility to set song, sound effect, MP3 etc. into the ringtone of your Apple device. Forget about default ringtones, it is time to make your device customized, let it show your originality and personality. There are several ways of ringtone creation.

How to Create a Custom Ringtone?

  1. Not many people know that apart from movies and apps this store also offers a wide range of ringtones. You will have to divagate through iTunes in order to find the needed section so here is a guide: in the app fin the bottom right corner and tap More there. In that section select Tones – this part is dedicated to ringtones. There are many categories of ringtones but in Genres categories you can choose Dialogue and Sound Effects where you can find some real treasures like R2-D2 speeches. Any ringtone comes with set of options like Set as Default Ringtone but you can complete the set up of the ringtone later.
  2. Try Do It Yourself approach. For example, there is a possibility to convert any YouTube video to a ringtone. Just follow these steps:
  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video to the clipboard
  • Visit site YouTube-MP3.org, paste the URL, find the button Convert Video and click it. This service was chosen as it is easy to use and ads-free
  • Download the P3 file to the PC
  • Use tools provided on the site like FreeRingtones to convert MP3 5o M4R.

Despite the fact that there is a built-in YouTube option for that, but it doesn’t work properly.

  • Download generated ringtone to the device
  • After switching Ctrl-8 you will be guided to My Tones view. Just drag and drop new ringtone there
  • Sometimes it is necessary to enable Sync Tones and sync the device. After that you will see fresh ringtone in the list of your ringtones.

Following these steps you can also create ringtones out of usual MP3.