Top iPhone Applications for Astronomy Admirers

iPhone replaces almost all tools, you can use it as a gaming unit, educational tool, GPS navigator and for many other purposes. From now on you will be able to navigate through the skies with help of your Apple gadget. You will be able to learn more interesting and relevant information about the Moon, the Solar system and the stars with help of these top astronomy apps.

Astronomy Apps Suggestions

  • StarMap is one of the best astronomy applications for iPhone. Its database includes hundreds of thousands of stars and you will be able to navigate the space with it.
  • Star Walk is a tool that will help you to figure out what are you looking at in the sly at the moment. There are many useful features that will be able to deepen your knowledge.
  • Sky Gazer is an app for beginners, and it proposes essential information about the most important and well-known stars in the sky. Also it will help user to identify planets and stars.
  • Distant Suns 3 gives information about thousands of stars and planets.
  • Star Chart for iPhone will give you a possibility to get acquainted with the details of the sky you are looking at.
  • GoSkyWatch Planetarium helps to find the planets in the sky and figure out what are they. This app has a star finder feature together with other cool and useful staff.
  • Solar Walk 3D gives all-rounded information about the object of the solar system.
  • Star Search is a great educational tool for beginners in the field of astronomy. Browse the stars and learn a lot of interesting things about them in the process.
  • Grand Tour 3D – Pocket Solar System proposes a possibility to look through the solar system in an unusual way.
  • APOD Viewer has amazing pictures of the galaxies and systems far from ours.
  • AU – The Solar System proposes a set of information concerning the solar system.
  • Planetarium explores the solar system and provides perfect images.
  • Pocket Universe helps to navigate the stars and gives a lot of information about them.
  • Moon Globe gives all-rounded information concerning the Moon and will be useful for astronomy students.
  • Galaxy Collider gives a clear notion what will happen when the galaxies collide.