Top-5 Must-haves In Your Kid’s iPhone

Nowadays many toddlers and youngsters become the happy owners of Apple devices. Parents present them iPhones and iPods having no notion on essential applications every kid’s gadget should have. We have selected the best iPhone monitoring app solutions for thoughtful parents who want to secure their children from possible dangers.

Essential iPhone Security Apps

  1. AVG Family Safety. This free application enables parents to create blacklists of the websites and automatically blocks sites included to pornography and malware categories. The app is effective; however, it has a sophisticated procedure of site blocking that someone will not appreciate.
  2. Kidsafe YouTube Lite. No one can underestimate YouTube as a source of quality educational materials – there are so many educational channels and interesting videos! This app allows children to watch YouTube videos without potential risk of seeing something inappropriate. Parents can block or allow categories, playlists or particular videos and adult content the app blocks automatically.
  3. Pumpic – perhaps the best Parental Control Software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch there is. Its enhanced functionality hits the spot of all parents’ needs concerning online and offline security of children. With its help it is possible to monitor in very deed all the activities of the user, block websites and apps, track the location, set Geo-fences and remotely manipulate the target device.
  4. AppCertain – an irreplaceable application for parents who want to know what applications are installed on the kid’s iPhone. This app provides you with a description of installed apps so you will know whether it is appropriate for your child.
  5. Screen Time. No more endless hours spent in front of the screen! This app enables parents limit time usage of the iPhones and other Apple devices. You can set particular time periods after which the gadget of the child will be locked and only you will be able to unlock it.