Things to Know about 3D Touch of iPhone 6s and 6S Plus

New 3D Touch feature proposed by new iPhone opens wide range of possibilities for developers and they got the best of this opportunity. Here are the most exciting improvements that became recent newsmakers.

3D Touch Tips and Tricks

  1. Three degrees of pressure – 3D Touch opens new horizons for new interface features and taking into consideration the fact that developers got access to this feature recently, so we should expect an appearance of huge amount of apps and software that uses this feature soon. If you do not want to use 3D Touch, you can disable it following these steps: Settings > General > Accessibility.
  2. Hard push on the Phone app on the Home screen will give access to convenient mini-menus. With help of these pop-ups you will be able to call one of favorite contacts or quickly add a new contact to your Contact list.
  3. 3D Touch shortens time to switching on the camera, so there is no need to search for it in a list of apps and wait for launching to select the option you need – just press the icon and select photo, selfie or video mode to capture a view.
  4. New technology allows you to use some app features without actual using of an app: press on Mail icon and start writing a new email, press iBooks to search for certain book, Safari will open a new tab for you and Maps will start leading you towards home. Even cross platform apps use 3D Touch already – at least, Twitter and Instagram do.
  5. This technology allows you to get a notion of the content of the file without opening it with help of previews. For example, there is no need to open Mail to read the new email now – press the new email and it will show the preview and if you will hold your finger longer, it will open.
  6. There is a possibility to get a preview of the web page without leaving an app or email – just press on it.
  7. When you press on the keyboard, you can control the cursor and type more correctly and faster.
  8. 3D Touch improves the quality and convenience of drawing on Apple devices as the level of pressure indicates the thickness of the lines.
  9. Game developers also use 3D Touch in their works – pressure becomes new gaming control and though there are few games that fully use the potential of this technology, soon there will be many, make no doubts.