The Best Underestimated iPhone Apps

The Best Underestimated iPhone Apps

When browsing through the myriads of applications at the App Store, you may come across many favorites that can be found in almost any Apple smartphone or tablet. However, there are many apps that may come in handy, though not many people know about them. Here is the list of underestimated apps thoroughly selected by our team. They may not be so popular as their more reputed counterparts, but they will surely exceed your expectations.

  1. Word Flow

This innovative and convenient app contributes to simplifying one-handed typing. A new improved view of the keyboard helps to swipe the right keys with one thumb without the need to break it in order to stretch to the required key. Also, this app has all features any good mobile keyboard has and even more.

  1. Practice+

Any musician will duly appreciate this free app that gives a boost to the practice sessions. The range of tools includes a configurable metronome, set list, pitch player, tuner, and recorder. More than that, Practice+ can even help to tune your melodies and improve the level of your on-stage performance.

  1. Slidebox

Meet the most entertaining and convenient way to look through the photos stored on the device. The app also offers a convenient way to sorting pictures. Gestures are another way to manage your images: swiping up, for example, sends a photo to a trash bin. Slidebox is irreplaceable in case you need to share the whole albums via email or text message.

  1. Reddit Ask Me Anything

Active users of Reddit know perfectly well about the AMA sessions: online interviews of Redditors with famous people (not just actors, but also politicians, scientists, etc.). This app helps to take part in such sessions on the go and look through the saved interviews classified according to the subject of interest. With AMA and your iPhone, you won’t miss out on any interesting Reddit interview.

  1. Pumpic

The ultimate parental control software you’ll ever need to keep track of both kids’ offline and online activities with their iOS gadgets (iPhones, iPads, iPods). This app remotely monitors and manages the device providing parents with a possibility to lock the device, track its GPS location (really helpful in case if the device is lost or stolen), look through texting and call logs, including IM chats and the social media. Another important feature of the Pumpic app is a content filtering and monitoring of the browsing history. The app is user-friendly, and the Control Panel is very simple, so even non-tech-savvy parents may use it effortlessly.

  1. Down to Lunch

Forget about countless hours of conversations and investigations who is about to go to a café or have a drink. This app is a great communicational tool that helps to stay in touch with your friends and quickly find a company for a trip to gym or restaurant. Tap the button “Down to Lunch” to ask out your authorized friends who want to go somewhere or do something. There is a possibility to specify your request by selecting a location and list of friends to whom your query will be sent.

  1. RockMyRun

This free app allows to get the most out of your running: it helps to bear up the chosen tempo and not to get exhausted with running using the specially created music mixes. The playlists include all possible music genres so even the most fastidious music admirer will find something to his liking. What makes this app really unique is a “myBeat” feature that adjusts mixes to the step pace. The app also works with other apps for running.

  1. Pacifica

Pacifica appA must-have app for those who want to learn to control their mood and relax properly. A daily mood tracker helps to figure out what things influence your mood and offer daily tasks that teach the user how to meditate and relax.

  1. Doorsteps Swipe

This free app can become your right hand in search of rental and for sale properties. You may select desirable preferences in real estate to find the very thing you need.

  1. FileThis

Really convenient app for organizing documents from credit cards, bank accounts, and other financial info. It gathers all your bills, records and financial documentation in one place that allows to get rid of numerous paper binders.