The Best iOS9 Tips and Tricks

iOS9 Tips and Tricks

Have you already upgraded your iPhone to iOS9? If so, there are probably still some cool features you are not familiar with. Check them out and make your iPhone usage even easier!

Media Tricks

Music, video, and photos can be a lot more convenient with the following iOS features.

  • Listening to Apple Music offline

If you happen to be using Apple Music often, you should know you can actually download songs to listen to them offline. Tap ‘Options’ button, then choose ‘More’ and you will get to downloading.

  • Sharing photo albums through iCloud has never been easier. Simply choose ‘Shared’ when in Photos folder and tap new shared album. Simple as it is, you can invite people to share your photos as well.
  • Apple Music Playlist can as well be shared in a touch of a finger. Find ‘More’ button (three dots at the right) and enable sharing option in the menu you will see.
  • To add a filter to a photo, you don’t need a separate Tap ‘Edit’ on your photo, and choose the filter option – get the one you like and you are done!
  • Controlled video scrolling is simple. To find the exact moment in your favorite video, drag video playhead right or left. For fine control over scrolling move your finger to the bottom of the screen.


  • Email drafts are saved in a finger swipe. When writing an email, drag the title of the email to the bottom of the screen, and your draft is saved.
  • iMessage group chat can be formed with two taps. Choose details while chatting and tap ‘Add contact’ to invite more people to your conversation.
  • Managing Inbox emails is simple as you can do several emails at once. Tap edit and choose all the messages you want to mark, move or delete.

    Best iOS9 Tips

  • Forward messages at iMessage with two taps. Tap and hold at the message bubble and choose ‘More’. Select all the bubbles you need to forward – yes, that simple.
  • Drag the message to the left and you will see when it was sent.
  • Audio message? Raise your iPhone to listen to it privately, lower down and raise again to record and send the response.
  • Make Siri do the job and say the message out loud – it will be sent in no time.
  • To edit the text use 3D Touch. No need to tap directly at the text – press deeply anywhere on your keyboard and slide where you need the correction.
  • You can also use 3D Touch to peek at the link without having to leave the page or app you are currently using. Just press the link to see a preview, or press deeper to open it. This Peek and Pop feature works for Maps, Safari, Photos and other apps supporting the 3D Touch option.
  • Attach files to emails in a second. Now you can send a lot more than just pictures – double-tap anywhere in the message and choose ‘Add attachment’ and you will be able to add any file to the letter.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Music search – some people use apps like Shazam, but you have an easier solution. If you like the song that is playing, you can ask Siri to play the rest of the album, and here you have it! She will as well tell you the name of the band or singer.
  • News story swiping. If you are reading something interesting in the News and you want more, swipe left for the next article. You can return to the list of stories by swiping from the left edge of the screen.
  • Make Wi-Fi calls. Some carriers support the option that allows you save some cash. Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Phone’ and find the ‘turn on Wi-Fi Calling’. Thus, you will use your account to receive calls.
  • Find your lost iPhone. Misplacing phone happens to everyone, and iPhone owners now can make their device play sound even when it is on silent. All you need is another iPhone and ‘Find iPhone’ app on it.

There you have it – most useful tips to make your iPhone use convenient and effective.