Apple iOS 11.0.3: Can Bug Fixing Cause More Bugs?

new iOS 11.0.3

Apple has managed to release three bug fixes for new iOS 11 within 3 weeks – that’s really telling, isn’t it? iOS 11.0.3 is aimed to fix bugs in the newly released iOS 11 and newly created bugs caused by two previous system updates. But will it actually fix something and not become a source of other problems?


iOS 11.0.3 is compatible with iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch or later. As a rule, notification about the upgrade is delivered to the device automatically, but if you are a user of one of the devices mentioned above and for some reason didn’t get a message, you can upgrade the device manually by following the route Settings > General > Software Update.

The size of the file with updates is around 300MB – for those of you who pay attention to the size of downloaded files, bring into notice that the overall size of the OS and updates is around 3GB. And, wasting no time, warning: updates and new OS break jailbroken Apple gadgets.

Update or not update?

To answer this question, one has to go to any popular social media platform: there you will get loads of negative comments of users who have updated their devices to iOS 11: crashes, slowdowns, problems with Bluetooth. It is impossible to measure the scale of the problem and find out how many users have or have no problems with the update, yet, it is obvious that the problem exists.

What iOS 11.0.3 fixes?

According to the release note, this update has to solve:

  1. Problem with audio and haptic feedback on some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices
  2. Nonresponsiveness of touch input on iPhone 6s non-genuine displays

Apple’s security page gives no information about the updated of security content, however, there is no need to worry as it is updated every month or two, so it is not time yet.

Judging from the comments of users this update has solved the ‘crackling bug’ – speaker’s crackling in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus caused by iOS 11.0.2 (however, the question remains open what bugs can be caused by this new update).

Another point: if looking through the reviews properly, it becomes clear, that actually there were not that many people complaining about that bug. Especially if to take into consideration the level of this problem as it is nothing in comparison with the number of complaints about slow performance and battery life issues.

It is known that iOS 11 is responsible for the battery drain of Apple gadgets, more than that, iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2 did not solve the issue – they magnified the problem. iOS 11.0.3 proposes no solution for this problem either – well, at least, it didn’t add more problems to the battery life and performance of the devices.


iOS 11.0.3 cannot solve major problems caused by the update of the OS. It amends specific problems with no solution to the issues that all users are concerned about.

Still, if your problems with iOS 11 included the issues with a non-genuine parts and poor audio and haptic feedback, then this update is for you – almost all users who have experienced these problems admit that the new update have solved them.

Other users perceive this update as an attempt to calm publicity down showing that Apple specialists let the grass grow under feet: they are working hard to fix all problems, though the solution of the issues requires some time. All those lucky ones who use iOS 10 or have no problems with iOS 11, rejoice! iOS 11.0.3 will add nothing good to the device, so there is no need to bother about updating. More than that, there is a possibility that this update will add some problems to the performance of your device, so better wait for official security update.

Future of iOS 11

Users should look forward for the iOS 11.1 release as it is already in its second beta. iOS 11.1 will return some features taken from the original iOS 11 and is said to revive iOS 11.