Best RSS Readers for Your Apple Devices

rss reader

For all the bookworms out there mobile devices are a huge help. With an iPhone or iPad, one can read whenever and wherever he feels like. If you are one of these people who cannot live a day without flipping through couple pages and check several favorite websites, you definitely need RSS reader.

Those who own iDevices for a long time know that services like Google Reader offer great options for keeping track of all your favorite websites and blogs. iPhones and iPads also have plenty of RSS readers to choose from, both paid and free ones. We have tested most of them and picked out the best free RSS readers – suit yourself and test all of them!


Flipboard is your personal journal. To get started, choose a few topics to read, and Flipboard will create your personalized magazine. You can always add new topics, magazines or interesting people to read. You can also connect your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to your Flipboard and easily flip through photos, messages, and articles all at once.

Free RSS Reader

If you appreciate the opportunity to have all the news at your fingertips fast and easy, try Free RSS Reader for your Apple device. The app is suitable for all the websites supporting RSS feed, and once you follow them, the app will come up with your personal journal. The Reader has a built-in browser to open all the in-app links. If you need to, you can also share the information from your feed with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Once you download Feedly and look through its cool options and nice design, you’ll notice that it feels like the mix of Flipboard and Google Reader. Easy to navigate and use, Feedly looks perfectly built to follow all your favorite websites. Spend some time to select all your resources you are interested in through the app, and you will get all the fresh information just in the right time.

Byline 5

With this simple, small and minimal RSS reader you can look through the latest news even when your device is offline. Download Byline 5 and spend some time to subscribe to all your favorite magazines and blogs, websites and news resources – and here you have it! Byline can sync with your other RSS readers to provide you with the chance of offline reading. This option supports over 2000 entries – more than enough for times you have no Internet connection.


The coolest thing about Newsify RSS reader is that it goes far beyond being just a reader. You can synchronize it with iCloud and create your personal library out of the articles and your favorite resources on all your iDevices. Newsify saves texts and images alike, so you never miss anything curious.


The last but not the least – our top favorite iDevice RSS reader Feeddler. If you are in search of the most useful options RSS reader might offer, you have them here. Just like Byline, Feeddler RSS reader offers the offline reading feature, as well as full-screen browsing. Experienced users will appreciate gesture-based controls, and those who love reading late at night would definitely love the night mode options.

There you go with six best RSS readers for your iPhone or iPad! Choose the one for yourself and have a nice reading!