Contour Design Surface Sound Speakerphone Review

Review (Summary): “Since the launch of the iPhone there hasn’t been a flood of iPhone compatible gadgets to review. Because of this I have been reviewing cases, the best parental control app for iPhone, headphones, and protective and designer skins. Contour Design, makers of the iSee Case and iSee V3 case for the iPhone, have recently started shipping the Surface Sound Compact, a new bluetooth speakerphone car kit for the iPhone or any bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

The Surface Sound Compact is a flat, square speaker with an integrated pivoting microphone that lays flush against your cars visor. The speakerphone system features DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, providing the promise of clear conversations even while driving down the highway, and the integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 21 days of standby and 15 hours of talk time.

iHome iP47 Wireless Speakerphone and Alarm Clock Radio Review

Review (Summary): “If there is any as-yet-untapped type of audio accessory that could help Apple’s iPhone become a bigger player in the business world, it would be a speakerphone. While the iPhone already has limited integrated speakerphone capabilities, it’s less than ideal in input and output volume, and can benefit from a better microphone and speaker combination for users who like to make calls from their desks. …

… From our perspective, iP47 is a decent first step towards an iPhone-ready speakerphone, but iHome still has some work to do before it perfects the formula: the $200 price tag more or less demands very good speaker, radio, clock, and speakerphone performance, and iP47 falls a bit short on each count relative to other options we’ve tested. …”

Vaja iPhone Classic Urbano Pouch Review

Review (Summary): “Through its Vaja Choice customization service, Vaja offers more options for its products than any other accessory manufacturer around. Customers can personalize their cases with text and graphics, choose from a selection of belt clips, and even mix-and-match a vast assortment of colors depending on the overall design and the kinds of leather used.

… As with most top-tier brands, you’re definitely paying more for the name than for anything else. Because although Vaja uses superior leather and hand-makes each of its custom orders individually, what the pouch actually does is nothing out of the ordinary. …”

Crystal Film Set for iPhone Review

Review (Summary): “After seeing perhaps a thousand iPod cases over the past five years, we’ve recently focused our attention on products that can either be seen as case alternatives or supplements: protective films. … Thanks to the iPhone’s use of an otherwise hard to protect large touchscreen, and the fact that a surprising number of cases don’t protect iPhone’s face at all, there’s been a resurgence of interest in screen protectors, with us included.

Proper application was simple. We peeled the Film off of the backing plastic, aligned it on a completely clean iPhone face, and then squeegeed out air bubbles using a credit card. If dust got in, we removed the film from the iPhone, re-cleaned iPhone’s screen, ran the film under water until the dust came off, then quickly shook the water off and re-applied the film. …”

Showcase for iPhone Review

Review (Summary): “The newly announced “Showcase for iPhone” from Contour Design offers a hybrid design, using both rubber and acrylic to create a beautiful looking case. Contour Design has also improved upon the overall design of the case by making the case one-piece. Unlike other acrylic cases, including their own iSee case for the iPhone, the Showcase features a hinged design that opens up to allow the iPhone to be slid into it – offering a very snug fit. In this review I also compare the ‘Showcase’ to other popular cases; Belkin Acrylic Case, iSkin Revo, and Contour Design’s iSee case. ”

iPod Touch Review

Review (Summary): “… Late last year. iPods had fallen into a rut: the features were stale, the form factor of the flagship device basically stopped progressing, and it started to seem like Apple didn’t care or understand where portable media players were headed — or at least didn’t seem to realize what such devices were capable of. So it came as no surprise that as soon as the iPhone was announced, people began demanding that same device, sans phone. …

It’s hard to argue that there isn’t beauty in simplicity, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. But there’s such thing as too simple — and sometimes too simple can turn into crippled. Most of our complaints about the touch have to do with what it lacks — not in general, but when compared its big brother, the iPhone. …”

Speaker for iPhone Review

Review (Summary): “The first iPhone-specific speaker system we’ve seen is Logic3’s IP104 Speaker for iPhone, which builds upon the company’s earlier i-Station Traveller with a larger body and more iPhone-specific styling. IP104 features a black metal mesh front with glossy silver edges and a blue power LED. Its two sides expand to hold the iPhone — or iPods — either vertically or horizontally, on a base that contains four AA batteries or sits empty. …

Our pre-production sample sounded a little more treble heavy and a little less bassy than the Traveller, but the final unit’s sound may well change. …”

iVolution Case Review

First Look (Summary): “As Vaja’s first true play-through case for the iPhone, Vaja’s new iVolution for iPhone ($80) offers iPhone users the ability to customize two halves of a premium leather-covered hard shell with their choices of 39 different colors, ranging from bright to subtle colors, black, gray, or white. One belt clip option – the plastic Ultra Clip ($4) – is available as an option, and text and graphic personalization are also available at an additional charge. Vaja leaves the screen open, but covers the Home button with a somewhat hard to access layer of leather. …”

iPhone HipCase Review

Review (Summary): “You should know that the HipCase looks just as good on the outside as it does when you take it out of the packaging. It is made of sturdy black or brown leather and is very comfortable to wear on your belt. What I really like about this case is clearly the designers at DLO thought about a practical and useful iPhone case rather than just defaulting to a case that happens to loop on a belt. …”

iSkin revo case for Apple’s iPhone Review

Review (Summary): “”I have just published my in-depth review of the new iSkin revo case for the Apple® iPhone™. The iSkin revo offers the best protection for the iPhone that I have seen, while still providing full access. The case is made of a premium grade silicon material with an embedded antimicrobial agent (Microban) which helps to inhibit growth of microbes. The revo case protects all areas, ports, and controls and includes a privacy screen filter that not only protects the screen from scratches but also makes the screen harder to see from the side – helping to keep your information private – while remaining completely visible for you, the user. Read my full in-depth review of the iSkin revo case.”