iOS 9 Useful Options Not Many People Know

At last Apple has released new iOS 9, packed with new features and options. So if you want to get as much out of the latest software as possible without changing your device to iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, follow us to the thicket of the new OS.

iOS Hidden Features

  • New App Switcher appears with the double tap on the home button and all apps will appear as apps in a card stack. You can now swipe several apps at the same time using several fingers.
  • On the main home screen Spotlight reappeared with Siri-powered proactive assistant. From now on Spotlight is opened to the third-party developers so soon it will work with other platforms and apps. You can always disable Siri Suggestions in the Settings. Tell “”Siri, remind me about this” and the app will add info on your screen to your reminder. Also you can tell her to find certain photo and she will do it for you. New ring switch option will shut Siri up when your ringer is silent.
  • With new Add Attachment it is possible to send photos or videos by email by double taping or long pressing on them.
  • There is a new Trash All button in Apple’s Mail app. Hit the Edit button and that option will appear.
  • Safari displays icons of your most visited sites – now you can turn off that option completely.
  • Customize the look of Safari Reade: select font size, color theme and so on.
  • Every note in the Notes app has new menu tools – now you even can draw sketches.
  • In the US Apple’s News app has arrived. Follow news from over million topics.
  • Setup Wallet, as Newsstand became News from now on and Passbook is a Wallet now.
  • Double click the home button on the lock screen and you will see the list of all your cards on the iPhone.
  • There is a new “Back to…” button at the left of the just-opened app.
  • You can delete an alarm with help of the edit button.
  • Hide photos from Moments, Collections and Years. There is a Hide button at the bottom of the Share button options.
  • Apple has added separate folders for Selfies and Screenshots to sorting into folders.