How to Transfer Movies from iPhone screen to TV?

In this article you will find out, how to compound your Apple gadget with a TV, so you will be able to watch movies, look through photos and even enjoy playing games on TV screen.

The very possibility of connecting these devices is fascinating, because no matter how perfect the Apple screens are, the size of them is not enough sometimes to fully enjoy spectacular movie or photos.

There are two convenient ways to connect your gadget to a TV

  • via Lightning Digital AV Adaptor
  • via AirPlay

It is up to you, how to do it, both ways are simple and convenient and we will explain them both.

Method 1

Admirers of easy ride will duly appreciate this way, as, in fact, it requires only purchasing of a Lightning Digital AV Adaptor. The price of it is not cheap (£40 in Apple Store) and also you will have to spend £3.99 for HDMI cable (Amazon price).

The rest is a mere formality – plug HDMI cable to your TV and ally it to the AV Adaptor. The cable of AV Adaptor should be, as well, linked to the Lightning port of the gadget. This construction will allow you to send the content of your iPhone or iPad to the screen of the TV, just make sure that TV settings are set to pick content from HDMI inputs. You will see then a Home screen of the handheld device on the screen (do not be afraid of the quality of the image, it will improve when you will watch video).

Method 2

Use Apple TV to stream video – this method is a bit pricey, as it requires purchase of Apple TV prices start at £129) and also you will have to use AirPlay.

First, you will have to connect Apple TV to the TV and to your Wi-Fi. Take into consideration that your Apple mobile device should be linked to the same network. Using the AirPlay icon on the device you can stream the video with the Apple TV. Bring into notice that certain apps have their own AirPlay icons, so it is necessary to use them if you want to see them on TV screen.

And some apps block streaming video on TV, but there is a solution – Mirroring can fix that. You will stream the whole screen of Apple device with help of the Mirroring button in the AirPlay menu.

There is a possibility to link Apple gadgets of older versions to a TV. With help of Composite AV Cable, available for £35, you can ally the device that holds 30-pin connector with TV port just like in Digital AV adaptor method.