Catching Math Apps for iPhone

For many parents smartphone applications are the only way to interest kid in learning Math as with help of interactive activities kids get involved in the process and dedicate time to solving Math problems.

Adults can also benefit from apps dedicated to one of the most interesting and evolutive science: by the way, Math develops logic, helps to evolve memory, organize thoughts – not only learns how to add one plus one.

The devil is not as black as it is painted – Math is not as difficult as they say about it. And these Math apps will help you to polish skills, improve your calculation and sharpen mind.

Interactive Math Applications

  • You can use this interesting app as a prompt how to calculate fast without using a calculator. Tips showed in this app will help you to look like a Math genius – you will be able to impress your friends with your ability to count in head fast as a lightning.
  • Magic Symbols: the app that is able to capture your attention with help of symbols and numbers of simple math and it is great for kids.
  • This application is for those who want to put their thinking hats on and try to solve math equations that have no solution or to find out how to catch false proofs. With help of this app you will get acquainted with many paradoxes and eye illusions that will blow your mind and entertain you for hours in a row. That will develop your logic, imagination and sharpen your attention.
  • Mental Math Ninja: must-have if you are not allowed to use calculators at the exams. With its help you will learn how to do all simple math actions fast ad error-free. The app is very user-friendly, so kids also can take an advantage of it.
  • Math Tricks for iPhone. With help of flash cards this app will teach you major math operations easily and while playing.