About Us

When Apple first announced their iPhone I had a strong feeling that this was going to be a very exciting product for gadget and tech lovers. It wasn’t until they officially went public with product details and demonstrations that I realized that the iPhone is really a product for anyone who wishes their phone would be able to access more information – but still be simple to operate. The sheer excitement that iPhone marketing has created will only continue when the average consumer see’s one being demonstrated by their spouse, friend or co-worker – live and in person. The iPhone is truly revolutionary and will most likely set the bar for all future mobile phone and mobile information devices.

Who we are

Our name, iPhoneTower, was selected as we set out to find a name that would help identify what our goal is. Our goal is to ‘broadcast’ information about the iPhone to you, our readers. Our goal is to make iPhoneTower a one-stop iPhone information source to find all of the latest iPhone web applications, parental control apps for iPhone, firmware updates, how-to guides, reviews, and the latest news from Apple as well as other software and accessory companies that will be trying to get your attention.

Like the Apple® iPod®, the iPhone will be a market within a market. Accessories such as cases, add-on batteries, bluetooth microphones, specialty earphones, and more will soon be hitting the market and iPhoneTower.com will be here to let you know about them.

If you say ‘iphonetower’ quickly it sounds very similar to saying Eiffel Tower, which we all know is one of the most well known attractions in the world. We also believe that the iPhone will soon become one of the most well known mobile phones in the world – whether for its success or failure. 🙂 We chose the iPhoneTower name and have created our logo to mimic the Eiffel Tower.