7 Incredible iPhone Tips

All owners of the iPhones adore their devices for a reason. And future iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 will also gain popularity, without a doubt. However, before you decide to buy upgraded device, check the possibilities of your current phone: we are sure that you have never heard about them and they are able to give a boost to your device.

Apple smartphones are more look like mini computers than telephones so there is no need to limit using of the phone with basic features only. Your device can do much more, believe us.

Hidden iPhone Techniques

Here are some useful tips and tricks of managing iPhone to achieve the best possible performance.

  1. Shake it. With this gesture you undo the last action on the device – this feature is little-known, however, it is very convenient. This option works with default Apple accounts, however, the third-party applications can use it also.
  2. Enhance your pictures. For many people mobile device is more likely a camera than a communication tool. The camera of the iPhone is good, however, there is a simple way to get your pictures to a new higher level – use a high dynamic range mode (HDR) inside the camera app. The principle of work of this mode is in taking three photos at once and making a combination of it – as a result, we get a photo of much better quality.
  3. Increase your typing speed with a few keyboard tricks iPhone has. Tap and hold 123 button to get access to symbols and emojis – and after you selected the needed, the keyboard will return to the letters automatically. Or you can put the stop to the sentence by twice tapping the space key.
  4. Official Apple’s headphones can take pictures! With help of volume-up button you can snap a picture if you don’t want to move the device.
  5. You will easily notice alerts with help of LED lights – the light of the iPhone will blink to attract your attention to the notifications. Just turn on ‘LED flash for Alerts’ in Settings.
  6. Third click home button will add you some extra functionality like zooming in or inverting the screen colors for low-light visibility.
  7. Stop music with a timer. In the clock app choose Timer option and select amount of time the music will play.